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Sarah Trivett & John Ritchie — Minted

Sarah Trivett


John Ritchie

Wedding Party

Lianne Chiang


Lianne and Sarah shared their first apartment while at Dalhousie University. Lianne is credited with teaching Sarah to love spicy food, being her partner in learning about scotch, and being her best friend for the past 10 years. Lianne is from Victoria, BC where she currently resides and is travelling to be with us as our officiant on our wedding day.

Mariah Belyea

Maid of Honor

Mariah and Sarah have been best friends since they met in 7th grade. Despite the endless teasing Mariah has received from Sarah and her family over the years, she has always been an amazingly good sport and is truly considered to be a part of the family by all. Mariah is originally from Darlings Island, NB and is currently living in Fredericton, NB.

Joseph McGuire

Best Man

If you told John and Joe in high school, that someday they would become best friends, help build each others’ homes, and stand in each others’ weddings, they would have both called you crazy. John and Joe share a love for adrenaline, gas powered anything, and conquering any task before them in the least conventional manner. Fun fact: John broke Joe’s ankle the first time they met. Be sure to ask him about it on the dancefloor. Joe is from Rothesay, NB, and currently resides on the Kingston Peninsula with his wife, Alexa.

Erin Gesner


Erin is the bride’s little cousin, better known as ‘cousin-friend’ or ‘best cousin’. Ever since she was little, Sarah has said that Erin would be standing beside her on her wedding day and now that promise is finally coming good. Erin is originally from Hampton, NB but is currently living in Victoria, BC and will be travelling to join us for the big day, as well.

Patrick Iles


Pat and John’s friendship started almost twenty-six years ago. These two survived K-Park Elementary School’s great Beyblade uprising of 2001, Beavers, Cubs, grade 6 formal, grade 8 graduation, and everything since. Pats always been there, good times or bad; always an even keeled and sardonic voice of reason to balance John’s impulsiveness and crazy ideas. Pat is from Rothesay, NB, but currently lives in Halifax, NS, where he’s completing his residency in radiology.

Sam Summerhayes


The British invasion of the 60s and 70s brought us names such as The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks, and the Rolling Stones, but it wasn’t until the mid 2000s that the British sent us something truly noteworthy: The Sam Summerhayes. If you ask anyone who’s met Sam, you will find that there isn’t a negative word to be said about him, except that he moved to Alberta. The one exception to this is John’s mother, who may have a story about her dryer if you’re brave enough to ask.

Alexa Kolyvas


Alexa is also part of the core group and has been friends with Sarah since 7th grade. In addition to being a close friend of the bride, she’s married to the best man, Joe McGuire. If you’re looking for either at the wedding, they’re sure to be tearing up the dancefloor in a style all their own. Alexa was born and raised in New Brunswick and currently resides on the Kingston Peninsula.

Morgan Lynch


Although Sarah and Morgan had crossed paths over the years, it wasn’t until John reintroduced them that they become instantaneous friends. Morgan and Sarah bonded over their love of beer and being ‘one of the guys’ and the whirlwind friendship that pursued led them on many a misadventure. Morgan was born and raised in Rothesay, NB and currently lives in Port Hawkesbury, NS.

Ben Wilshaw


Ben and John have been friends since the first day of grade 6 and have left a path of destruction in their wake ever since. The bible tells us there are four horsemen of the apocalypse but let me assure you, the truth is there are really only two. These two might be the most similar, high energy, and poor decision-making friends the world has ever seen. Ben was born and raised in New Brunswick, but currently lives and works in Bermuda.

Fiona Kidd


Fiona is another of the core group of girlfriends from RNS, but she also attended Dalhousie with Sarah and John. Always having been the wild one of the group, Fiona is sure to be the life of the party at the wedding, where she will be doubling as one of our emcees. Fiona is currently living in Halifax, NS, but is originally from Darlings Island, NB.

William Trivett


William is the oldest brother of the bride, but was quick to forge a friendship with John. When Sarah and John had only been dating for a few weeks, William picked John up with a spare bicycle and some headlamps and told him they were going ‘night biking’. Luckily, John lived to tell the story and he and William have had many more gnarly adventures in the years since. William is currently living in Rothesay, NB and is a neighbour of the bride and groom.

Emma Bailey


Emma and Sarah both began their time at RNS in 7th grade, when Emma moved to New Brunswick from Winnipeg, MB. Both girls were lucky enough to friend an amazing group of friends while at RNS, but, being the two new girls, they were quick to form a bond that has lasted them through their time at Dalhousie and beyond. Emma is currently living and working in Salmon Arm, BC and will be travelling to be with us for our big day.

Matthew Dupuis


Matt and John have always shared an interest in the outdoors and everything that comes with that territory. Unlike most of the people on this list, Matt and John didn’t meet until his second year at RNS. Despite the late start, Matt wasted no time in solidifying his place in the group of friends more aptly described as “The Usual Suspects” by John’s mother, Paul Kitchen, Constable Tom White, and everyone else jealous of how much fun those kids could have. Matt is born and raised in Barnesville, NB, where he currently operates a farm in his spare time.